Thursday, March 19, 2015

Dressing Up for Daycare

Last Friday was Pajama Day at daycare. June insisted on wearing her fleece Frozen pajamas even though the afternoons are too warm for fleece these days. 

Bennett is so mobile these days that it's hard to get him to pose for a picture. I was basically following them around the house waiting for them to be still. June sensed what I was up to and tried to force Bennett into a hug.

I love his little space pajamas!

Then they also got to dress up for St. Patrick's Day! 

This was another case of trying to chase the kids down to get a picture, and another case of a forced hug.

When my in-laws were in town, they left some little presents for the kids to wear on St. Patrick's day, so June got to go to school with her cool necklace on! (The hat/headband didn't make it to school, but we did wear it around the house.)

Bennett had this hilarious little onesie that looked like a little suit and bowtie. 

I finally followed the kids into the bathroom and managed to take this awesome shot:

They are so cute!

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  1. B-Shock looks like a little leprechaun in that photo with Junebug!! I am looking for the pot of gold that he's guarding?! What a little guy, he is really maturing fast, and Junie's going to be hard pressed to keep giving him hugs!

    Can't wait to see him in person and interface with this great personality-in-process.

    Love, AD