Thursday, March 5, 2015

Birthday Birthday!

It was my birthday on Tuesday!

The day started off a little differently than your average Tuesday...I had my 'in-loves' in town, for one thing. We got the kids ready and hung out for one last morning together before I had to take Bennett in for his one-year well baby checkup at the doctor's office.

Bennett did great at his checkup. He's 21 lbs, 10 oz and 29.5 inches tall. I didn't write down his head circumference but the doctor told me it's in the 95th percentile! He showed off his walking skills and his waving skills and his blowing-kisses skills. The pediatrician assured me that we shouldn't worry about his not saying a ton of words. Two words is the 'requirement' for this age, so since he says three words we don't need to be too aware of it.

Poor Bennett got a bunch of vaccines, which of course we're glad for him to have (especially since he's finally old enough to get the measles shot, in response to all the measles outbreaks in California and nationwide). But still, it was heartbreaking to hold his little arms down and have him look up at me with the saddest, wettest eyes while he screamed as he got each one.

So that didn't make for the most relaxing start to the day. But things turned around after work when I picked the kids up. I never get tired of Bennett walking toward me with excitement when he first sees me walk through the door. (June had the opposite reaction - "Aww, man!" she exclaimed when she saw me because it was almost her turn to have 10 minutes of computer time.)

Michael picked up takeout (I picked Thai and got my favorite Panang [peanut] curry) and dessert!

As usual, Michael outdid himself with gifts this year. He got me a semi-private horseback riding lesson to take with June (!!!) AND tickets to a Billy Joel concert (!!!). Not even sure which one I'm more excited about. June has officially confiscated the little toy horse Michael wrapped up along with the gift certificate, but it's cool. She was desperate to sleep with "Brownie" and I don't have any inclination to sleep with hard, sharp items made of plastic.

It was shower night with the kids. It's sad/funny because Bennett is becoming more and more interested in playing with June, so he's trying to get all up in her business with the shower toys. But June is going through this really imaginative phase, so she's trying to set up her toys just perfectly and doesn't want Bennett to interfere. I hear her talking to herself quietly about how they are 'on stage' making their own little performances, so it's really not a great combo. I want Bennett to get to play, but my heart just melts to watch June playing make-believe, so it's tough to know how to make the peace. (No, it's not, that's a lie. I just pick up Bennett and blow zerberts on his wet skin and he's the happiest person that ever lived.)

Between me, Michael and June we split a piece of chocolate mousse torte and peanut butter chocolate pie. June seemed torn on whether she wanted me to want what she considered to be 'her' piece of cake. She oscillated back and forth between "Hey, don't eat it all!!" and "Hey, why are you only eating that other one??" (I guess what you can assume from this story is that I was eating A LOT of EACH of the pieces of cake/pie.)

Then Michael put June to bed while I re-watched scenes from The Walking Dead so I could pick up on the hints about Carol's long con on the Alexandria folks, which I totally missed the first time around. (How did I miss this, people? Any TWD fans out there?)

So obviously it was a wonderful birthday. Thai. Torte. Shower time. Walking Dead. Wonderful birthday.

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