Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Bennett's Birthday

Bennett's birthday was on a Friday this year, which was good news for him getting his own special sign at school (photo courtesy of El Junebug) (last name smudged out for, you know, a smidgeon of internet privacy):

But it being on a Friday was not great news in the celebratory department. Especially since Bennett has been getting especially sleepy/cranky earlier in the evening now that he's only taking one nap. So we opted to have his little party on Saturday evening instead. (Our family is normally very flexible about when we celebrate birthdays.Whichever day works, right?)

Friday morning started with me having to wake up this adorable little guy so he could get to daycare.

Eating pears for breakfast:

That evening was a quick dinner (with one of his favorite meals - oven-fried chicken), bath time and some snuggles with Grammy and Papaw Fred.

The next morning, Judy and Fred watched the kids while Michael and I had a daytime date! But that afternoon we got ready for a little party at our house with a family we are close to. 

I was glad that we had the size of party that we did. The amount of noise and excitement these four created was plenty for a first birthday.

We had burgers, bean salad, homemade macaroni and cheese and pineapple.

And, of course, chocolate cupcakes.

Bennett spent the first minute or so delicately touching the cupcake and tasting the frosting from his fingers. Slowly he worked all the way up to picking up the cupcake and stuffing it in his mouth, all while making the little "mmmm!" noise he makes.

But just like *that* he turned the corner and got cranky, so we had to wipe him down so we had time to open presents!


Happy Birthday, BennettMan!

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