Sunday, March 1, 2015

Bennett at One Year!

Oh, my little Benny boy. My little Bennettman. 

At one year, some little facts about Bennett:
  • He eats almost entirely table food, meaning whatever we're eating at the time. Sometimes he eats so much that I worry he's going to make himself sick. His favorite foods are soup (he's a little old man), mashed potatoes, bananas, pears and Cheerios.
  • He's walking like crazy! As of last month, he had taken his first steps, but we still had to encourage him to walk to us from a few feet away. One weekend something just sort of clicked and we'd look over at him to see him just casually strolling across the room. Since then, he's been unstoppable. He turns corners, he follows people, he'll walk out and then turn around and return. He just loves to walk can tell he really enjoys this new freedom.
  • Sometimes he's very quiet, and just silently plays or putters around. Other times he babbles and shouts and squeals to his heart's content. He's still only really saying "Dada," "Mama" and "Hi," but we know he understands a lot more words. He'll point to (or look at) certain things when we ask where they are.
  • Sleep...well, we won't talk about sleep. This post should be positive and about positive things, not things that make you weep silently into your keyboard.
  • He's been spending more time in the toddler's class at school. Like a lot of kids, he just wants to be with the cool older kids. Whenever the little half door from the baby class to the toddler class is open, he books it in there. He's even been taking his naps in there on a mat on the floor, not in a crib!
  • We have/are transitioning him to one nap a day. There are challenges (that might or might not be related to other sleep problems), but it's nice getting more of our day back. Since the kids used to be unaligned in their nap schedules, we sometimes would spend the weekend passing each other in pairs. One kid was always napping, so there weren't a ton of big family outings.

Bennett walking:

This month, Grammy and Papaw Fred were present for his big photo shoot.

Plus we got a shot with me and the kids, just for fun.

A year old already! 

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