Sunday, March 15, 2015

Around Here Lately

Bennett getting into mischief:

June's first real dental cleaning:

When I was pregnant with June, I quickly found out that my boss was growing a watermelon in her garden that was the exact same size as my baby. It was funny, we'd compare sizes as the weeks went on and it usually matched up pretty well. (We also decided we were going to ceremoniously eat the watermelon once the baby was born, but it didn't happen sadly.) When I was pregnant with Bennett, she just happened to have a pumpkin growing at about the same rate, so that became our new joke. When I moved from Arizona to California, her parting gift to me was a pair of costumes that would fit each kid representing their corresponding melon/gourd. Well, the kids finally fit those costumes, which called for a fashion show and sending pictures back to my friend.

A Girl's Night Out for drinks and painting:

The hilarious results of a photo shoot at school. (I say hilarious not because June isn't ADORABLE, she obviously is. I just think it's so funny how they dressed the kids up in this little outfit. I have never seen this little jean jacket, necklace and headband in my life, so I knew they must be props. Sure enough, another mom came in to check out her daughter's pictures at the same time and, yep, her daughter had this same outfit on.)

Introducing cow's milk, and introducing sip cups:

And some lovely roses Michael bought me for my birthday:

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  1. Another great post! June's a natural at the dentist. Love the kick-back attitude!!! The costumes were adorable. Will they fit for Halloween??!! Your painting is great. I look forward to seeing it hanging on your wall in a prominent place. And congratulations on Bennett moving on to a sippy cup. Big milestone. Hugs and kisses to all. AMom