Tuesday, March 10, 2015

A Full Sunday

Just saw this post sitting in my drafts folder! I was written about the Sunday before last.

We had a jam-packed Sunday.

First it was a Girls' Morning Out at Fairy Tale Town. June, Judy and I met June's friend Sage and her mom Deanna. It was such a nice day, so relaxing and the girls had a really great time. Sage is such a sweet friend to June and we loved watching them play together. 

That afternoon we went to a Kings basketball game! It was June's first game in a year and Bennett's first game ever!

We tried having Bennett wear protective headphones but he only tolerated them for a few minutes before he was pulling them off.

Bennett was a little wiggly, but we held him off with snacks. (We took the same approach with June. I had hoped that she was old enough to just enjoy watching the game but...not yet.) We stayed until halftime and then left, heading out to go to dinner.

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