Friday, February 13, 2015

The Discovery Museum - Space and Science Center

June has a new teacher at daycare, who we adore. This new teacher has come in with a lineup of serious lesson plans, which started out with dinosaurs and then moved on to space. June got so into space (and meteors in particular - ??) that we decided to feed the interest and take her to the local space museum

It was cute, even if it was a little small. (After going to the Indianapolis Children's Museum, everything will probably seem small.) We got to see some cool stuff, from a pretend space station kitchen to a replica of the Mars rover to a somewhat random collection of animals on display. So I present a few pictures we took from the day!

June's class has moved on to learn about 'healthy bodies,' which I find to be slightly less inspiring. Maybe June and I can go back in the garden and study the one broccoli plant that survived the winter despite my having abandoned the garden to pests and pooping neighborhood cats last fall? 

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