Sunday, February 1, 2015

I solemnly swear that I'm up to no good...

Bennett seems like such a mischievous little fellow. It's not that June didn't also get into trouble, I'm sure she did. (Off to go look through blog entries from when she was this age). I don't want to reinforce those gender norms where little girls are little angels and little boys are little trouble-makers. It's just the look in his eye when he knows he's doing something he's not supposed to. The smile on his face. His little personality showing through.

Without a doubt, his Mischief-Making Top Three are:

1. Climbing into the dishwasher
2. Pressing buttons on the cable box while the TV is on
3. Trying to touch the water in the toilet

Now that I have established the scene (the scene being that I'm a terrible mother, I'm afraid), I shall expand.

1. Bennett about loses his mind with excitement when he gets a chance at the dishwasher. He wants to take the things out of the dishwasher, he wants to push the 'drawers' in and out of the dishwasher, he wants to climb bodily into the dishwasher. The problem is that boy has absolutely no stealth. When he sees that his target is available (dishwasher door = open) he starts feverishly crawling toward the object (even from the other room), his little hands and knees smacking louder on the floor, excitedly cooing as he draws nearer. "Ooh! [pat pat pat] Ooh! [pat pat pat] OOH! [pat pat pat]" If you tell him that you see him and are coming for him, he'll pick up the pace even more.

2. If the TV is on while the kids are awake, it's usually to keep June still while we're doing something to her, like clipping her fingernails or doing her hair in the morning. So it's pretty disruptive when Bennett is up, clawing at the cable box, turning it off and on. The worst part is that we see him going for it and warn, "Don't do it, Bennett!" He pauses, looks back at me with a devilish grin, making eye contact just long enough to convey his thoughts: "I see you there with June on your lap, your hands occupied holding her hair in place. You and I both know you're not in a place to stop me." Then turns back to keep crawling toward his mischief. Sometimes I'll crawl up behind him, push my face up against his ear and whisper "Don't you do it, Bennett." He laughs and laughs, knowing he's about to get pulled from his glee.

3. We don't have those baby proofing devices on our toilets because June now goes to the bathroom unsupervised (most of the time). We have found that Bennett gets just as excited at an undefended toilet as he does about the dishwasher. Keeping the toilet seat down helps, but really our best solution is to keep bathroom doors closed. June is a little helper and if she ever sees him booking it toward the bathroom she'll run to get there first and close the bathroom door. I think we might need to bite the bullet and just baby proof the toilets. There has been one or two times where we just barely didn't catch Bennett in time before he made it to the toilet ("NO BENNETT NO!"), which is how we found out that he gets just as excited to play with the water in the sink while we wash his hands.

Mischief-Making Honorable Mention:

- Pulling things out of the pantry
- Playing in/around the cupboard under the fireplace
- Pulling things out of the cupboards in the kitchen
- Pulling books off the bookshelves

Mischief Managed!


  1. I love that precious little face! He looks like an "Angel Boy" to me, Love, ViVi

  2. Ha ha....this sure sounds like B-Shock takes after his dad (he certainly looks like his dad).....because I know that little Julie Bean would NEVER do anything like this (and if you believe this, I have some swamp land in New Jersey that would make a great home site!!) :)

    In point of fact, the next thing you should be teaching both the June-bug and B-Shock is to put themselves into time-out!!!! You were always sooooo good at doing that!

    Love, AD