Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy "Valentimes"

June still says "Valentimes" despite correcting her a few times, so I've just given in. 

Valentine's day started off on Friday with the school party, of course. June got to pass out her valentines to her friends and in turn got a bag of loot to bring home. We sent June with some store-bought Frozen themed cards, but we taped a glow stick to each one and wrote "Let it Glow" on them. June even signed her Valentines this year!

On Saturday I took June to gymnastics and then we went out grocery shopping. Our friend's husband was out of town for the weekend so we invited her and the kids over to have a Valentine's party with us. Michael and I had celebrated the weekend before by going out on a hot date, so we were happy to share the actual day with friends.

After naps, we walked down to the park to meet our friends. The kids played for a while, kicked the soccer ball for a while, then argued over the soccer ball for a while. (Preschoolers, am I right?)

Then we all headed back to our house for dinner. We had breakfast for dinner, which meant scrambled eggs, sausages, fruit and pink heart-shaped pancakes!

After dinner, we had a rave. (Minus the drugs, naturally.) We turned off the lights, turned the (princess) music up and broke out the leftover glow sticks from June's valentines. The girls loved it and had so much fun jumping around, but it was also so fun to watch Bennett and his little friend, Will, play with their glow sticks too. 

I put Bennett down to sleep, then it was time for dessert. June and I had made some sugar cookies the night before. (It was a bit of a fail. I used a sugar cookie recipe that wasn't intended to be rolled out, which I didn't realize until a little too late. So we just did anyway. They turned out so flat and rather blob-y, but Michael had the great idea to go back over the finished cookies with the cookie cutter.)

We decorated the cookies with little sandwich bags of colored icing. (Another fail. I bought whipped icing because I like the texture, but the more I stirred it to mix the food coloring in, the more it deflated. So I ended up with about 1/3 the icing that I started with.)

Then our friends left and it was time to snuggle on the couch for a bit.

(That's Michael's shirt from Copper Mountain - he recently got back from a ski vacation with two friends and I'm endlessly jealous. I'm sure he's equally envious of a work conference I have coming up in Baltimore.)

The next day, Michael got tickets to see Disney on Ice. I persuaded him to let June go in one of her princess dresses. As is usual around here, I put the TV on while I did her hair to keep her still. That's how we came to have this adorable sight of June watching the Cinderella ball scene. I wish you could have seen how she was carrying herself, delicately walking around, hands placed just so.

Michael didn't wear a full tuxedo because he is a stick in the mud.

So that was our Valentine's Day, which took up the whole weekend. And the weekend before, if you count our hot date!

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  1. I do wish Michael had worn a full tuxedo but Julie, you need to post the princess dress I hope you wore to Disney on Ice!!!! Thanks for sharing the adorable pictures of your Valentine's day. It looked fantastic! Love, AMom