Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Indy Post-Christmas Trip

We took a trip to the Midwest a little after Christmas this year. It worked out well with Michael's work events he had to attend and with the ability of making our trip a little less...hectic? Stressful?

Unfortunately there are no direct flights from Sacramento to Indianapolis, which meant one 1.5 hour flight and another longer one. Not sure of the exact length but based on how it felt, I feel safe in stating it was roughly 12 hours. Bennett's at that perfect age where toys don't hold his attention but he is very active and squirmy. Plus the added bonus of him not napping well when being held! 

Nonetheless, we were so happy to see Grammy, Papaw Fred and Mimi waiting for us at the airport. 

Then we got home and got to get the wiggles out while playing with Grammy's cool toys. We had a bit of a party, getting to spend some time with Uncle Ken, Aunt Mary and cousin James also.

After taking a two day trip to Danville, we came back to Indy in time to hang out with Lauren, Meredith and their girls Saige and Amira.

Judy brought out a puppet show curtain (made by her mom!) and we had a show.

June did NOT want to participate but LOVED watching the shows. A highlight for me was when I sat down expecting a simple story and heard Saige say, "This is a story based on A Midsummer Night's Dream." 

PS, they also knit Bennett a hat and are working on a sweater for him. What exactly are they teaching at Waldorf schools these days and how can I enroll myself?

More blog posts to come with pictures from Danville, New Years and the Best Place on Earth née the Indianapolis Children's Museum.

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