Sunday, January 25, 2015

The Girls Go-Karting

I had a Girl's Night Out with two friends the other day. I met Shannon and Sara at one of my favorite spots, Zocalo, in midtown. We had blackberry margaritas and fish tacos and time to chat and laugh and not be worried about kids the whole time. 

Afterward Sara had to get home, so Shannon and I walked to Ginger Elizabeth's Chocolates and each got a slice of chocolate cake. (They specialize in making actual chocolates, but at $2 for each tiny chocolate I was like, Girl No. I would need to spend about $20 to even come close to satisfying my sweet tooth.)

Then we got into that age-old conundrum of asking oneself, "Now what?" We didn't want to go home yet, but movie times weren't looking good. We weren't really interested in attempting the clubbing scene. I listed off a few of my date night ideas, which is how I ended up going Go-Kart racing not with my husband but with a girlfriend!

We were cracking up the whole time at the randomness of it all. Here's a shot of me not paying attention to the instructions of what each flag means. This would explain why I drove a couple laps with the guy waving the blue one and just sort of shrugging at him. (I figured out it was that someone was trying to pass me. Not that my understanding would have changed the outcome. If you want to pass me you have to EARN IT.)

These are the little sleeve things that you put over your face to protect it from the amoebas of others who have come before you. Obviously we took this picture and sent it to our husbands to leave them guessing what we were up to. 

Shannon is so petite that when she got her helmet on, I told her she looked like an orange on a toothpick. I hope she took it as the compliment it was meant to be.

We took it very seriously.

We figured the scoreboards announcing the actual best lap times of the group were off, so we awarded ourselves first place.

So there you have it. We girls get CRAZY on our nights out. Next time we might gather the energy to go to a dance club, but I doubt it. Getting back home in comfy pants by 11 is just too tempting. So it's more likely that Shan and I will end up on a segway tour.

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  1. Nice posting, and sounds like you had a really great time, but with noone there like your big brother or me for you to actually attempt to force off the track??!!! And, for a moment there, looking at one of the photos, I thought the two of you were joining ISIS for an evening activity.....just kidding, I've never seen any of them with designer yellow head masks?! :)

    Love, AD