Sunday, January 18, 2015

The 2014 Photo Shoot: Christmas Jams Edition

Sometime in November we had a little family photo shoot. We end up doing this every year. Not only does it ensure that we have professional photos every year, it also helps us get a photo for our Christmas card.

We (read: I) opted to do a casual setup for the Christmas card shot. We were on our bed with a bunch of Christmas-y props: presents, bows, a paper chain, tinsel, that kind of thing. We each dressed up in our Christmas jams.

All photography credit goes to Sara Molina Photography!

The funny thing is that we used the line "We've been good but we can't last, hurry Christmas, hurry fast!" from the Chipmunks song. I really should have used this picture below since both kids were trying to steal the marshmallows out of our mugs of hot chocolate. (There wasn't actually any hot chocolate, for the obvious reasons.) (Less obvious reason: I don't have any in the house because I drink all of it as it enters the premises.)

But we ended up going with this picture, which I loved even more. 

Then we had a family-wide Quick Change and relocated to the back yard. As much as I loved the Christmas setup, I also wanted at least one shot of us in normal clothes.

We loved working with Sara Molina, who did our photos last year and Bennett's newborn pictures. She is so comfortable to be around, was such a good sport with our antics getting the kids to look/smile and is basically the sweetest person alive.

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  1. I love your photo-shoot pictures! It's impossible to pick a favorite. I do love the last one where June looks like your Mini-Me. I love your family. AMom