Monday, January 26, 2015

Midtown Market

Saturday mornings have their own little routine.

One of us usually gets up early with the kids to let the other one get a few extra winks. Usually Michael takes Saturday mornings and I take Sunday.

We also usually have decided who is taking June to gymnastics and who is staying home with Bennett. Every once in a while B will come to gymnastics too, but it's right during his nap time, which is actually kind of nice for whoever gets to stay home with him. He naps pretty well on the weekends, so it gives that person time to get stuff done. 

Still, I usually want to go to gymnastics with June. I just get a kick out of watching her do her thing. Plus it gives me some time to catch up with the two moms I know who also have kids in the class.

Afterward, whoever is with June takes her out to do something. Sometimes it's boring stuff like stopping for groceries or popping into Home Depot. Other times it's getting a snack or doing something fun. 

This past Saturday June and I went to the Midtown Farmer's Market, which I'd never been to. It was a little small, but definitely cute. It was really chilly outside! (I feel like I'd forgotten what it feels like outside during the daytime. Between working inside all day and spending all of last weekend indoors due to Bennett's illness, I haven't spent real time outside in a while. Which makes me sad.)

June and I got a chocolate covered waffle for a snack. The lovely gentleman really tried to sell me on it, explaining how it's this authentic Swedish type of waffle with firm dough that they import... I didn't want to interrupt him, but I wanted to tell him that he had us at 'chocolate,' the money's in the bag at this point and hey, let's not skimp on the whipped cream, okay?

Then, just because we'd made the full rounds' on the place, and because we wanted to warm up, we stopped in a LowBrau for a schnitzel sandwich and duck fat french fries. It is a 'bierhalle' but no adult beverages were had. (It was only like 10:30 AM at this point.)

Then it was home, naps and as many episodes of the West Wing as possible until the little ones were up again. (1.5 episodes, usually. Unfortunately. Can't get enough of President Bartlett! And Toby! Morose Toby!)

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