Friday, January 9, 2015

Indianapolis Children's Museum

One very cold afternoon in Indy,  we decided to go to the Children's Museum. Poor Bennett got bundled up so much for the 1 minute we were actually outdoors. (Worth it though. Brrrr...)

We had high hopes for the stroller, but Bennett's continued weird nap/timezone issue meant he was in the Ergo most of the time. That, or being held by Michael or walking around while holding peoples' hands.

This place was just so awesome. I can't even begin to describe... It was five stories of exhibits and sections with different themes and things going on. I could have spent a week there. I could have spent a week just in the area about China.  

I present to you a sampling of photos from this place. These represent...I don't know, maybe one-fourteenth of the place?

The small kid zone, meant for kids under the age of five:

This part was an air tube with air pushed around the perimeter so you could send these scarves blowing around and around:

Here is June in 'China,' practicing her calligraphy:

And working at a panda hospital:

In the excavation site in the dino area:

The trains:

There was a large blown glass structure in the middle of the museum. You could go below the structure and look up at a blown glass ceiling:

They had a rotating lounge that you could sit on and look up:

And a plastic replica for kids to make their own:

And the winter wonderland, with an ice castle and pretend ice fishing:

I wandered through 

Sacramento does have a small children's museum, and tons of other wonderful activities to do. And yet...I find myself mapping out how I am going to construct an exact replica of this place back in my home town. I'll start collecting exhibit materials right away.

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