Monday, January 5, 2015

Danville Family Time

We had a birthday party for my Grandma Mickie on the night that we got into Danville. She (and her twin, Margie) turned 90 years young this year! We started off the night by each bringing her a rose so by the time everyone was there, she had a big, beautiful bouquet.

I really had an awesome time in between bouts of anxiety about Bennett. At this point we had no idea what time zone he was on, he seemed to be constantly tired or hungry plus he had started coughing. That night we put him down for about 4 different naps'/bedtimes. (Hence why he's in almost no pictures.)

It was so fun to see June playing in Grandma Mickie's house. She loved the basket swing, something that I loved and played in when I was her age.

We set up the camera's self-timer and got this awesome shot of the whole family (minus Bennett). Maybe I'll photoshop him in over the top of the lamp, which appears to be the focal point of this shot. (That is, if I ever get photoshop. Right now I'd have to settle for using Microsoft Paint.)

We ate dinner, poured drinks at the bar and played a take-away game/Yankee Swap.

I brought a awesomely ridiculous horse head mask to the game and I was waiting on the edge of my seat for it to be opened. JP picked it out of the group and I about died of laughter.

Then Grandma Mickie tried it on, but it was Michael who ended up with it (not of his choosing).

But who wore it best??

That night we slept at a local hotel since there wasn't quite enough room for us at the house. JP came with us, who had become June's favorite person in the world. Even though June had her own (pull out) bed, she so desperately wanted to sleep in JP's bed. We asked why. "Because I love you!!" she said. We did eventually persuade her to sleep in her own bed, luckily for JP, because Michael and I have each accidentally fallen asleep next to June while putting her to bed and June is quite the close/active sleeper. 

The next day we hung out at each Grandma's house and also at at the much-adored Steak 'N Shake. June kept calling it Crepe Escape, the name of a restaurant in Sacramento. But we quickly made the distinction that this was a place she could get a milkshake, not the place that had been a victim of arson (twice. Crepe Escape: what on earth is going on??).

It was a quick trip but I think we got some good quality time in and loved getting to see the family!

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  1. Love your post! What a great stroll through Danville/Christmas memories! I loved how you captured the horse head mask on so many people. It was a great trip. Thanks again for making my Mom's 90th birthday special by bringing the whole family together. Love you. AMom