Sunday, January 11, 2015

Bennett at 10 Months!

Bennett turned 10 months on the day we flew to Indy. We celebrated him by forcing him to stay in one small, confined spot on an airplane and getting his routine all messed up!

Bennett at 10 months....

Well, he loves eating solid food. He's kind of over purees and prefers little food he can pick up with his fingers. He is also still nursing. I love that he's still breastfeeding, but I am eagerly awaiting the day I no longer need to pump during my work day.

He started waving. A few days after that, he started saying "Ha" ('hi') while he waves when we do the same to him. Now it's one of his favorite things to do. I love it that we'll say 'bye' to someone and he will just start slowly waving at that person as we walk away. The other day Michael was going to drop him off at daycare and I said goodbye out the front door. He was all bundled up and wasn't particularly thrilled to be in his carseat, but he still raised one be-sweatered arm and waved sadly back at me.

He still pulls himself up on furniture and walks around it. He has also taken some daring dives toward us or furniture after letting go of his initial hold. I wouldn't count them as his first steps, but it's something!

He is also mischievous. He is obsessed with the toilets. He tries to make a break for it and scamper off into the bathrooms when no one is watching. When he realizes we're coming after him, he squeals and tries to crawl faster. 

The other day he gave me a kiss for the first time. He leans in and plants his gaping, wet mouth over whatever surface he manages to land on: my nose, my cheek, my chin, my lips. Now I ask him to give me a kiss all the time and half the time I get sloppy wet kisses and the other half the time I get poked with his teeth. But I love those kisses every time. 

Bennett's in that crazy, hilarious and exhausting stage where he gets in to mischief all the time. We can't leave him alone for a minute or he'll be pulling food out of the pantry, crawling into the little cupboard under the fireplace or changing the settings on our cable box.

I can't believe that he'll be a year old in a couple of months!

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