Thursday, December 11, 2014

Visiting Santa

Last Saturday we got together with friends. It was perfect timing because they were interested in going to get pictures taken with Santa and that just happened to be my Activity Advent calendar item for the day! (We would have rearranged if it hadn't been.)

So we all went over to the mall and got in line. We walked over and got a peek when the girls started getting a little antsy. I'm sure the Santa we saw was a lovely man, but he was a little sub-par in my opinion. 

Luckily for us Santa One went on a break and Santa Two came on out, and this guy was the real deal.

When we got to the front of the line, we got a little family photo taken. I hope you'll excuse these poor pictures since they are actually screenshots from the photo company website.

I was a little nervous going into it. The last time we got June to sit on Santa's lap was here:

I feel like this Santa (at a town festival) wasn't even trying.

Since then attempts have been entirely unsuccessful with emotions such as suspicion, uneasiness and outright terror.

We didn't actually force her to sit on Santa's lap that time and we haven't forced her since, so I was hoping we might get her to sit on Santa's lap this year for us to have our first really great Santa photo with Bennett in tow!

Well, it was a success!

June sat on his lap a little reluctantly at first, but seemed encouraged that Bennett sat there without a fuss. Bennett seemed mildly interested in him and just stared for a while which was a big surprise to me!

We even got both kids to look and appear not terrified!

But I think my favorite moment was after the picture was taken and Santa asked June what she wanted for Christmas. She hesitated so I crouched down near her thinking I might step in to reassure her, but just before I said anything, I heard her little voice over the sounds of the mall. She spoke deliberately about her wish and Michael made a little motion for me to step away so June could have her time with Santa. It was just such a cute, perfect kid moment.

Then it was over, I breathed a sigh of relief, then we all went back to our friends' house to eat curry and watch Christmas movies. In other words, a top December night. 

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