Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Gingerbread House

Poor Bennett misses a lot of our Activity Advent calendar items since he goes to bed so early. He hasn't voiced any complaint but I know he knows.  (Still one of my favorite lines from FRIENDS: "They don't know we know they know he knows!")

Anyway, so Bennett missed the creation of our gingerbread house. Actually Michael missed too (he was working that night), so it was a girls-only decorating night.

We used one of the kits (ours was from Target for about $10) and although I did buy some extra candy we didn't end up using it. We did use some extra icing I bought. The icing they give you is like cement (for good reason) and trying to get it out and spread it over the roof is just not going to happen.

It was for the best that we didn't bring out the extra candy since June tried to eat nearly all the candy that we did have.

I also had to try to stop her from eating all of the essential, structural pieces of the house. (The door and the door eaves didn't last long.)

Surprisingly, the gingerbread tasted really good! And I am loving the smell of it!

And we did have to move it out of reach for the time being!

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