Sunday, December 21, 2014

Old Sacramento Theater of Lights

We spent part of the day Saturday wondering if we should even attempt going to Old Sacramento that evening because rain had been forecasted. The rain hadn't come all day, so we decided to pack 'er up and head on out.

First we walked around the shops for a little bit. The highlight was the Christmas shop, which was gorgeous but we had to stay on top of June, who wanted to touch all the things. 

Then we went for a carriage ride! 

June has always wanted to go on one of these carriages ever since we first visited Old Sacramento, but we'd always been with Bennett in a stroller, so it didn't make sense. Since the Advent Activity was specific to go on the carriage (and go to the Theater of Lights), we purposefully took Ben in the Ergo carrier.

So we walked over and hopped in the carriage led by a horse named Sonny. (Sunny? Sunni?)

It was so cute and fun, even when we started going on the cobblestones and things got a little bumpy. We didn't know how Bennett would do, but he seemed just fine!

Then we walked over to the Theater of Lights. Short review: it was cute and fun and I'm glad we did it, but I doubt we make this one a yearly tradition.

Long review: The show takes place along K street. You definitely want to be in the middle of the street (not under the overhangs near the shops), probably halfway down the sectioned off area. We didn't really know what to expect going in, except I thought it would be like a light show, the various Christmas lights choreographed to music. Instead, there was first a talk about some of this history of Old Sacramento and some of the buildings on the street. There was then a dramatic retelling of The Night before Christmas, with actors playing Santa and a little dramatic showdown with Jack Frost. The battle between the two to make the lights 'jolly' versus 'frosty' was the best part, with the light and music changing. But I wish there had been more of that and less...boring parts? June did fine, but Bennett was pretty fidgety after a while and I think some more active light shows would have helped.

A very kindly old grandpa stood next to us and gave me a smile a couple of times, so I didn't feel bad about asking him to take a picture of us. After about the third time of showing him how to hold down the button to take a picture, I remembered why I generally don't ask grandpas to take pictures. At least we got a shot of the family! (Who really needs to see Michael's hair, anyway?)

After a long, meandering drive home, we got to enjoy a big fire in the fireplace (plus our new family stockings!), some episodes of The Newsroom and a glass of wine!

Don't worry, I'm about 85% sure the stockings can't catch on fire right there.

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  1. great photos can still be taken by grandfathers....I'm a firm believer that you CAN teach an old dog new tricks!! Vicki and I visited the Scottsdale Princess to see their "3 million lights, the carousel, dancing Xmas trees, the Polar Express train, and the neat ice skating rink!! We ended up eating a great Mexican meal at the Hacienda restaurant......and I even stopped to take a photo or two for some couples nearby!!! I am pretty sure that I got all their hair into the picture, but the dancing Xmas tree may have exited stage right :)

    Love and see you soon......AD