Friday, December 26, 2014

Christmas Day

Our Christmas started the night before, of course. June picked out exactly three carrots for the reindeer along with the milk and cookies for Santa. (Bennett was already asleep at this point.)

The morning wonderful. It started early (6:15 or so, interestingly with both kids up at the same time. This was actually Bennett's first wake up of the night!) but that's part of the territory of Christmas with young kids, right?

We had the initial crazed excitement of seeing Santa's gift he left (a big girl bike), opening some presents, stopping for some French Toast Casserole, then round two of presents. 

My parents sent June a new princess dress, and oh, how I laughed when I saw the look on her face as she pulled it out. This thing is fancier than my wedding dress. I asked her to show me what a princess looked like and:

So regal! So regal that she tried taking it on her bike.

Bennett happily munched away on puffs and observed the madness around him.

June hordes her presents and gets pretty disturbed when Bennett makes a move for them. (She's scared he's going to drool on them, which, let's face it, is a realistic outcome.) And yet she also treats all of 'his' toys as her own. 

After Bennett's morning nap we went for a walk and for June to take her bike on a maiden voyage. She was so excited that, although we set off for the park, she didn't want to actually go to the park, she just wanted to keep going on her bike. Which meant we got to pass this awesome house:

I might have been a tad over-dressed but I had to take my own Christmas present for a new boots! (Thank you, Michael!) 

We had my family's tradition of BBQ ribs from Montgomery Inn for lunch. Heaven! Bennett got his first taste of BBQ!

We spent the evening playing with out new toys and singing along to the Les Miserables soundtrack. It was a quiet, sweet little Christmas for our little family. We were sorry not to see our families on the actual day, but we got to talk to them and will get to see them soon!

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope yours was as warm and wonderful as ours!

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