Monday, December 1, 2014

Bennett at Nine Months

Bennett made some big changes in the past month. The biggest one is that he started pulling himself up on things consistently and even steps around holding onto furniture for support. That's now all he wants to do...move from one place to hold onto while standing to another place to hold onto while standing. 

He's still nursing and eating solids a few times a day. His solids are mostly purees but also puffs and little bits of food we're eating. 

He says "Dada" a lot. I know Michael is sweet and insists that his first word was "Mama," but his muttering "mamamama" only happens when he's sad, and his "Dada" is in reaction to us cueing him to say it. I feel like "Dada" is his first real word. He knows he's saying it and will repeat it if you ask him to.

He also continues to have his clucking conversations, which are adorable.

He has four teeth - the top middle two and bottom middle two. The next inner two on the top are coming in, we think.

He's so active that our monthly photo shoot was really challenging for the first time. I got a lot of these:

He can give high-fives and he does a little back-and-forth wobble dance to music sometimes. If we shake our head side to side, he'll do it too. 

His best friend is June, who he loves and smiles at even though she's constantly climbing over him, poking him, squeezing him and excitedly shouting things at him. 

Love the little guy!

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