Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Activity Advent - Week Two Recap

In addition to the gingerbread house decorating, we had a bunch of fun activities for the Activity Advent calendar this week.

We made handprint reindeer:

We wrote/dictated a letter to Santa:

We had a dance party to Christmas music in our Christmas pajamas:

June danced. Bennett attempted to change the default language on our cable box.

We had Polar Express night, where we read the book and then watched the movie with hot chocolate.

We turned our refrigerator into a snowman:

(Thanks to my mother in-law, Judy, for sending this cool magnet set. It really came in handy on a day where we needed a backup option. 'Ice Skating' was actually on the list for that day, but we ended up having morning gymnastics and a birthday party in the afternoon, so an at-home activity was better suited for the day. Plus we ended up having friends over that night, which was exciting enough on its own!)

It was probably meant to go on the front of the fridge but let's be honest, me cleaning off that fridge isn't in the cards right now. (And Bennett loves pulling all the letter off!)

June and I bought a bunch of dog and cat treats and donated them to an animal shelter:

June loved walking around and seeing all of the dogs and cats and was pretty bummed that we couldn't take one home.


  1. Julie, you are the best mom I know. You are so thoughtful and loving and patient. Thanks for sharing. I love to follow what June and Bennett are doing throughout the Christmas season!!! Love, AMom

  2. And.....nothing says that you couldn't just waltz in to the animal shelter and come home with a wannabe DJ or wannabe Einstein!! Then you could just forget all this Advent calendar stuff and run around cleaning up after the puppy!!! Nice!!!!! Or you could do both Advent calendars stuff and pet training at the same time?!

    Love, AD