Saturday, December 27, 2014

Activity Advent - Week Three

The third and final week of our activity advent was very busy. 

We ate "reindeer poop" for breakfast...really chocolate doughnuts. You should have seen June's expression of half fear, half mischievous excitement when I told her the activity that day.

We made bird feeders out of pinecones, peanut butter and bird seed. We hung them  from the trees and waited to see what would come along. 

Eventually we saw some courageous squirrels hang down and pull the string up to grab the pine cones!

June and Michael decorated ornaments:

We made lists/drawings of some of our favorite Christmas memories:


We made Christmas cookies in preparation of giving to Santa:

On Christmas Eve we were going to walk around a fancy part of town with huge homes that really go all out with lights and decorations. But as the day went on, we just sort of...weren't feeling it. We wanted to get in our Christmas jams and start a fire, which we'd have to put off if we were going to go out later. So we asked June if she minded if we watched a Christmas movie that night instead. (We might have also promised her a Santa cookie.) She didn't mind. 

One of our favorite spots to perch is on the end of the couch, which is right up near the fire with a great view:

Also this past week, but featured in other posts:

And that's it for the Activity Advent Calendar! Whew! It was certainly crazy some times...I recall being a little crazed the night we made cookies because everything was running late and it was already 7:15 and June still needed to take a shower... But at the same time, I really loved and enjoyed it. I think it put us all in the mood for the holidays, it gave us a way to count the days ahead. I loved how excited June was to learn her activity each day. I need to take down some notes about the things that worked well and the things that didn't (or rather, the things that sounded good in theory but we never really felt in the mood to do, so didn't. For example: sleeping on the ground near the Christmas tree one night. The idea paints a lovely picture, but sleep is precious and my bed is just too comfortable. Sorry, not sorry.)

So I'll be packing up the advent tree with the optimistic plan to bring it out again next year. Let me know if you did any activities this year that need to be on my list for next year!

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  1. What a magical season you made for your family, Julie.

    I also like Michael's hair!