Monday, December 8, 2014

Activity Advent - Week One Recap

Day one found me already rearranging the activities I had planned. I originally had 'Decorate the Christmas tree" as the first day activity, but we couldn't wait to decorate the tree on the day we'd gotten it (the day before). So we bumped up "Candlelit bubble bath with Christmas music!" to the top of the list!

Believe it or not, this was June's first ever bubble bath. Not sure why, except that she doesn't really take baths anymore. So she was so excited for the bubbles and even more excited that she and Bennett would be in the bath together. Bennett splashed, kicked and excitedly gurgled the whole time. He was so happy that I had to keep my hands on him at every moment because he kept trying to everything. Stand up! Get on knees! Crawl over June!

(Don't mind my awkward holiday message censor)

This ended up being such a cool kick off activity. The kids LOVED it, it was so new and exciting and June keeps asking to do it again. Which is nice, because we have had plenty of other re-arrangements so having a solid backup is nice.

Day two was "New Christmas books." I wanted to have this one early in the month so we'd have plenty of time to read them before packing them away for next year. 

It was originally just two but I found a collector's edition of Twas the Night Before Christmas in my decorations and included it. 

We did "Roasting Marshmallows!" one of the nights. June decided she didn't like any char on her mallows and mostly ate some non-roasted ones until we cut her off. We also learned that we absolutely rely on those starter logs and aren't dependable to start "real" fires on our own. Since the starter logs have chemicals in them, they are not recommended for roasting food. So we tried making a fire the old-fashioned way and...well, we did get to roast some, and that's all that matters.

On the day we would have done the bubble bath, we did a filler activity of putting up the Christmas village. 

Try as I might to put everything 'just so,' there was no point. June's favorite part of the village is the ice skating pond, so now every human in the village (and the car?) is ice skating.

On a night when Michael was working, June and I watched Charlie Brown's Christmas movie. Not pictured due to June cuddling on me the whole time and not wanting to spoil the moment (have to take advantage when  you can, right?). I guess I never really gave much thought to just how mean Lucy is to Charlie Brown but now that June looks at me with a scandalized surprise and says "Ooh!" whenever Lucy says, "stupid" it's really clear.

On Saturday June and I went to Toys 'R Us and bought some gifts for Toys for Tots. (And June picked out a gift for Bennett.)

Now every morning June wakes up and wants to do her "activity tree."

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  1. I LOVE your posts!!!! I love the way you capture June's expressions, like when she opened her new Christmas book (are you sure she likes books??!! ha ha!) I also loved the entire population of your village, and the car are all skating on the lake! Jules, thanks for posting, it's like being there even though I can't be.
    I love you all, Mom