Monday, December 22, 2014

A Foray into Firewood

This entire post is about buying firewood, and if that's not enticement to continue reading then I don't know what is!

We've been buying bushels of firewood at Home Depot. (They probably aren't considered bushels, but I once called them bushels and Michael said that probably wasn't the word I was looking for, so I looked up the definition of 'bushel,' of which  the informal definition sort of works with the context I was using it in, so I therefore must use the word 'bushel' for the rest of my life to show him who's boss.)

Last time we were there, Home Depot was completely out so the employee there pointed me to a local spot where I could get some. We decided to check it out on Sunday.

It was a charming place, called Pak and Save Firewood. Obviously locally owned and operated, you choose the type of wood and the amount you want and they load it up in the car for you. We actually bought more than we could bring with us (it was a better deal), but they allow you to just come and pick up the rest whenever you want. We asked if there was a time limit and they said they once had someone show up with a receipt from two years prior!

I've never been to a place like this before, so we had to ask about the different qualities of the different wood.

Surprisingly there was also this little pen of goats just hanging out. June was enraptured but we had to tell her to keep her distance from the goat with protective tape over his horns.

We ended up getting a half a cord, I think? I don't know because I was off trying to keep June's fingers safe from goats. A cord is some kind of firewood measurement, I guess. I wish they would have measured in bushels, then I would have known just how much we were getting.

It felt so Sacramento-y to be buying from this place. We haven't tried breaking it down into a cost comparison to see if it's actually a better deal than the big box stores, but the internet says it is so it must be true!


  1. This is so funny because we just did the same thing this weekend. We needed a harder wood than the soft stuff that you buy at the stores. Found a wood yard down here with TONS of different kinds. Now we have a nice big stack of firewood to last us a while!

    1. Nice! Did you have to buy one of those covers to keep it dry? Not sure if that's as necessary in Phoenix as it is here. We were also happy to get some of the harder wood that lasts a bit longer and puts off more heat. Although we're still trying to work out the best way to light a fire without one of the starter logs! Fire amateurs over here!