Saturday, November 22, 2014

Toss the Toy, Save the Box

Boxes are THEE toy around here the days. June calls them her 'boats' and she loves it when she and Bennett snuggle in together and play. 

I have to supervise pretty closely or else I'll hear this sad little whimper from the other room when Bennett is tired of the game and can't find a way out of the box without tumbling head first. 

It's so fun watching how they start to play with each other as Bennett gets older. June's always been able to climb all over him and give him kisses and grab him when she wants. But now he can follow her around, grab onto her, try to stick his fingers in her nose. She laughs and deflects him then whizzes off to some other place in the house, only to return 3 seconds later.

One second she's holding his hands and trying to help him stand, the next minute she's trying to distract him with a new toy so she can play with his current one, the next minute she's trying to drag him by his feet across the room and the sound of baby hands squeaking on the hardwoods is what brings me in from the kitchen.

Basically what I'm saying is, this stage of them together is so funny and fast and challenging and cute and precious.

But boxes. Right.

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