Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Mexico Nights

The first night we were in town, Thursday night, there was a cocktail hour at this home perched on a mountain near the sea. It made for some incredible views. I'll admit that it was HOT. As soon as I stepped into the humidity, my body was like does not compute and I immediately started sweating from every pore.

I tried curling my hair to prove to Michael that I do sometimes not wear a bun on the top of my head, but my hair made that sound of air being slowly released out of a balloon and it was pretty floppy by the end of the night. 

I was a little nervous going to this wedding because I only knew one other person well (Jacob) besides the bride and groom, and a few others vaguely, and I knew Michael would often be off doing groomsman duties. But I was so pleasantly surprised that everyone I met was just so nice and happy to chat. 

Friday night was the rehearsal dinner. We ate at a restaurant in a part of downtown Vallarta called La Zona Romantica (the Romantic Zone) because it has all the bars and clubs. It was an outdoor restaurant with vines growing up the walls, old light fixtures and an overall authentic feel to it. 

After an hour of margaritas and chatting, the father of the groom introduced a full 12-person mariachi band. I was sitting front and center from where they performed, so I got the full blast of power from the vocals, trumpets and the rest of the group. It would not be an exaggeration for me to say that I had tears in my eyes the entire first song because everything was just...beautiful. My heart was exploding. 

After dinner we walked a block down to the beach where there was a restaurant/bar right on the beach. The restaurant was open-air indoors, but we ate out on the patio, which was actually just the covered beach. So we listened to an unlikely duo of Mexican guitarist and old, long-haired hippie on jazz flute with our bare feet in the sand.

The final night was the wedding, of course. It took place at a villa just down the street from our resort. 

The ceremony took place on top of the pool, with a little stage built over it. It was a pretty big bridal party, too, so I'm sure the ones on the end were a little nervous about accidentally taking a step back!

I got an awesome spot in a row that was up a step from the patio, so I got a perfect view of the ceremony AND felt a little bit of the air conditioning wafting from the house behind us!

It was a beautiful ceremony...short and sweet, with Carlo and Katherine writing their own vows.

The reception took place just down a spiral staircase to a little private beach space. I kicked off my heels instantly, as did most of the wedding guests. 

I also threw up my hair ASAP because I was already sweaty and we all know how much I commit to wedding dancing. (And not just any wedding dancing, because this wedding had SALSA wedding dancing!)

It was just...a really wonderful wedding, and a really wonderful trip. Can I go back next weekend?

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