Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Mexico Days

When we were first invited to Mexico for our friends' Carlo and Katherine's wedding, we went back and forth considering our options for attending. Michael was a groomsman, so he was definitely going. But would I join, and would the kids? We'd need a babysitter once we were there since it was an adults-only reception. We asked my in-laws for a huge favor to watch the kids and suddenly the plan was set in place for us to go on our first vacation without kids! And a Mexican vacation, at that!

After catching an early flight on Thursday, we arrived in Puerto Vallarta early enough to still enjoy the afternoon. Due to limited options and a block of suites available to us, we ended up in a gorgeous suite complete with full kitchen, living room, two bedrooms and three bathrooms. 

I've been to Vallarta once before on a cruise ship, but I didn't remember a whole lot about the place. It's so beautiful, with mountains that jut right up from the beaches which are covered in lush jungle. So while the main part of the hotel was down on the beach, our tower was up on one of the hills, so we took a trolley or golf cart up to reach it. 

We spent our days in the sun...in the ocean or in the pool, drinking cervezas or margaritas. Paddle boarding, kayaking and eating. On Saturday I got to have some spa treatments (Michael's anniversary gift to me).

At least once a day I would literally tear up with happiness. The first day it was when I swam up to the ledge of the pool that tilted inward from the negative edge. I could rest my body against the slant while holding my piƱa colada in one hand and look out at the waves crashing twenty yards away.

Later that night it happened again. We'd had a big gathering with the whole wedding group, but afterwards groups were either going back to the resort or going out downtown. Michael was going out with the rest of the bridal party but I was exhausted and headed back to the room. I drew a bath and opened my Kindle and nearly melted into a puddle of happiness.

What I guess I'm getting at was that it was a wonderful vacation. It was what we needed. It was maybe the first vacation we've had in years where I left it feeling rejuvenated and rested.

Pictures of Mexico nights to come!

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