Sunday, November 30, 2014

Halloween 2014

Just one month late posting about Halloween! :)

We knew that Carlo and Katherine's wedding in Mexico was over Halloween weekend from the beginning, but we didn't know what to do about it. Should Michael go and I stay behind to be there for Bennett's first Halloween? Should we bring the kids, even if they'd miss Halloween? With the generous offer from my 'in-loves' to come watch the kids, we decided that we were willing to miss Halloween in order to have a first vacation just the two of us since having kids.

So Judy and Fred took the kids out on Halloween, which I think is adorable that they could all share that. June wanted to go as Ariel and wear the dress she already had. At first I wanted to insist that she can have a new costume if she wanted, but then I thought, eh, plenty of years ahead for expensive costumes to buy. Let's just let this one be a re-use.

So we decided to have Bennett go as Sebastian the crab. (His costume might have been a lobster costume, but who's counting?)

They all went out first, then Bennett fell asleep so Judy and he came home. Apparently the little crab was so deeply asleep that he didn't even wake up when Grammy took him out of the stroller.

Fred and June went on to trick or treat some more and they really brought in the loot! I guess June was a little shy about going up to the houses at the beginning of the night, but by then end she was fully confident and determined.

For some reason the pictures that Judy sent me are showing as very small on my computer, so I decided to have another little fashion shoot to get a high-quality close up for Bennett's baby book. 

June was a good sport even though she kept reminding me that it wasn't really Halloween again.

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  1. You know.....I'd heard a lot about this Bennett kid, smiles a lot, sleeps a little, and, from the looks of the photos above, is always a little crabby :)!! When he first met me during his Thanksgiving soiree to conquer Fountain Hills and our family room, he was a bit skeptical of this SFBG (short, fat, bald guy), but he soon warmed to did I know? When he attempted to put his fingers into my mouth instead of his own, I knew I was in the 'inner circle'!! And, he was always smiling, especially when he could tell that he was bringing joy into someone's life....and he slept just fine as far as I could see, sometimes taking two or three naps instead of one long sleep. But, what the heck, I do that all the time on the couch anyway!! As for the crabbiness, the only time I saw that was in the pics above. So very precious and loved by all.....oh, and by the way, I've always said that June-bug was our little princess, and now I can see with my own eyes that is quite true! Great time had by all, but especially by me!! Love, AD