Monday, November 3, 2014

Bennett at Eight Months

We were a couple of days late taking Bennett's 8 month pictures, but that's what happens during a busy week while you're preparing for a trip to Mexico, having in-loves in town to visit and still working full time. So one day after work Judy reminded me that we needed to take the pictures and I got straight to it after she picked up the kids.

Bennett is eating solid foods about three times a day. Mostly purees, but we have also given him little pieces of cooked food and meats. He still nurses or drinks a breastmilk bottle about 5 times a day. That means I'm still pumping about 3 times a day on work days.

Bennett can sit up really well on his own. He can also crawl around, but he still doesn't really get up on his knees, so he slaps his hands on the ground and pulls his body along. He has also learned how to pull himself up on things. It started on the rungs of the chair, pulling himself up to sitting or crouching on his knees. Then, while we were on vacation, he pulled himself up to a standing position! He now does it all the time...up on the chair, up against the couch, on toys and on our bodies. And in his crib, so we've needed to lower his mattress so he's not in danger of falling out.

He doesn't babble a whole lot, though he giggles and shouts and blows raspberries a ton. Although he did whimper "Mamamamama" the other day when I was out of the house and he was being fed solids. 

Some of my favorite things about him right now:

- When he's laying on the floor, he will push himself on his side, lounging in this super casual pose while he plays with toys or just looks around

- He loves to touch peoples' faces. He sticks his fingers in your mouth or nose or eyes and just watches to see your reaction

- He has two little teeth that show during his big smiles

He's still sleeping really well at night. For the most part, he sleeps from 7 PM to 5 AM, when he eats and then goes back to sleep until 6:30. Still probably not the ideal, but so much better than where we were just a couple of months ago.

June and Bennett are best friends. June loves Bennett so much and always wants to be the first to kiss him goodnight. As long as he's not drooling on her toys, June loves on him and hugs him.

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