Monday, October 20, 2014


It was our sixth anniversary on Saturday!

We left the kids home with a babysitter and went to a Moroccan restaurant called Marrakech. It was SO FUN. You eat on these little couches or cushions close to the ground. You get served family style, often without utensils. 

The food was delicious (I got lamb with honey, Michael got lamb kabob with cous cous) and we got a bottle of wine. 

A belly dancer came out and danced for us. Afterward, when she came around with her tip jar (jug?), she made you get up and dance with her to give her the tip. It led to some funny moments, with us seeing dance moves from middle-aged women and men to teenage boys. 

When she got around to us, of course I was the one to go up and dance!

After dinner was over, we didn't really know what to do. We'd been so excited about our cool restaurant that we hadn't made concrete plans for afterward . We went to Old Sacramento and had a drink on the Delta King, an old river boat moored permanently. Then we got some dessert in midtown at Rick's Dessert Diner. 

It was so much fun, we've been telling everyone about our awesome find in Marrakech and have talked about wanting to bring June back (we saw a bunch of young girls dancing with the belly dancer in another room and it was so cute). We loved getting to celebrate our least the preliminary round. Round two of celebration is our upcoming trip to Mexico sans kids!!

So, fun fact... my parents get a picture taken on every anniversary of them toasting their drinks to celebrate. We borrowed their tradition and now have our own growing collection! I thought I'd share.

This year:

2013: Fifth Anniversary (I was drinking a Coke - pregnant with Bennett):

2012: Fourth Anniversary:

2011: Third Anniversary:

2010 - Second Anniversary (pregnant with June):

2009 - First Anniversary:


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