Thursday, October 30, 2014

Pumpkin Carving Party

On Sunday we had a little family pumpkin carving party. (Let's hope these 'kins make it to Halloween! We've had some warm days, so it's not looking good.)

Anyway, we set up a spot outside and a blanket or two in the grass for Bennett and got to work. 

June was not interested in getting the seeds out. It was too slimy for her.

All she wanted to do was cut with her little carving knife. (Don't report me to CPS, but we let her have this one knife that has the large-scale cerrated edge, so it's not very sharp on its own. And she did great! If you count 'great' as puncturing many random holes in her poor pumpkin...which I do.)

It felt so nice outside.

And the finished product!

When June saw Laurent's bat pumpkin lit up, she said, "Your smiley face is upside down!" Which makes total sense and I can absolutely see an upside down smiley face now whenever I see it.

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