Sunday, October 19, 2014

June's First Haircut

Believe it or not, before this weekend we had never gotten June's hair cut. Her hair grew in so slowly (she was practically bald through her first birthday) that the only time she's gotten anything done at all was when I trimmed some little neck hairs that had turned into quite the baby mullet. 

June had gotten the idea that she wanted to grow her hair out to be like Rapunzel and really pushed back any time we suggested she get a hair cut. That changed on Saturday when I called to make an appointment to get my hair cut. Suddenly she also wanted to have her haircut. Not wanting to miss an opportunity, I immediately called the kid place and made an appointment for that afternoon.

This was a place called Sweet Salon 4 Kids, and the inside really catered to kids. June picked a little train to sit in and the woman cutting her hair kept handing her more and more toys to ensure she was sitting still. So many toys that June started handing them back, and she later asked me why she had gotten so many.

June did a great job, better than I ever could have imagined. I thought she might balk at the sound of the scissors, but she was happy as a clam to be sitting there, pressing buttons on the train to make noises. 

She also wanted to make sure she would have time to play in the play area, which she got to do while I paid (Is $17 for a kid's haircut normal? I honestly don't know).

The woman even put June's hair back with these little braids, so June was so excited to come home and show her Dad.

I also got my haircut for what I've calculated to be the first time in over a year. I can't recall getting my hair cut since we moved to Sacramento. So it's still long, just cleaned up a little. 

It worked out really well because our anniversary was on Saturday, so my hair was already blown dry and styled for our night out! Which meant I needed less time to get ready and had more time to just chill with the kids in the back yard!

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