Sunday, October 5, 2014

Decorating the House

We didn't have much planned on Saturday evening (after a busy morning with gymnastics and brunch with friends) so I decided I wanted to decorate our house for Halloween. I love our neighborhood and everyone seems to get into the holidays. I've seen lots of pumpkins and gourds on front stoops already, and I wanted to join the ranks of the people who have a Halloween-specific setup.

We went to Home Depot first (since we had other business there) and weren't impressed with their selection. June was very interested in a full-size robotic Wicked Witch of the West who was talking and cackling at passers by. I was a little worried that she was scared, but then she turned to me and excitedly shouted that "Hey! She's from the Lizard of Oz!" After some laughing and interrogating, I found out that one of her teachers has some figurines because I certainly hadn't shown her that movie.

Anyway, we found what we were looking for at good ol' Target and set up a family picnic in the front yard so Michael could watch the kids while I buzzed about hanging things.

June was much too interested in what I was doing to stand by and watch, so she supervised while holding the ladder.

Contrary to what appears to be the case in this next picture, we also did plenty of supervising of June. 

Gardening clogs, ahoy!

We put up some spider webs, a large spider, an orange front porch light, some orange flicker lights (that look like candle flames) and a decorative pumpkin on the door.

Bennett was the sweetest little guy and rolled around with Michael on the blanket the whole time, so content to be outside.

I'm so excited to be entering the season of holidays and having a house that shows it just makes me even more giddy!

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