Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Bennett's Newborn Pictures

It's never too late to post newborn pictures, right?

When Bennett was first born, we wanted to get some newborn pictures of him. This would preferably take place when he was about 2 weeks old, still in that sleepy newborn phase and easily posable. 

Our photo shoot kept getting rescheduled, and by the time it actually happened Bennett was the wise, mature age of 6 weeks old. And as much as we tried to plan out feedings and naps so he would be happily sleeping for the photo shoot, he just...wasn't. Boy just was so interested and awake the whole time. He didn't cry, didn't fuss, he was just...awake. 

We shot these in our back yard, with June running around in the background and Michael holding up this big white shade that kept Bennett out of the direct sun (which would have made for really harsh lighting). 

One other funny thing was that Bennett kept on raising up his arm and just holding it there. So we have all of these pictures of him looking like he wants to pound knuckles.

Our photographer, Sarah Molina, is so sweet and didn't even bat an eye at the odd noises coming out of my mouth trying to get Bennett to crack a smile. She also didn't seem to mind that we took FOREVER to pick out which images we wanted. 

And, so June would feel included, we had Sarah snap a couple of pictures of her. For some reason I just adore this picture. This facial expression pretty accurately captures June at that/this stage of life.

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