Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Apple Hill - High Hill Ranch

About 45 minutes east of Sacramento is an area called Apple Hill, known for having a bunch of ranches and orchards and destinations for families to spend time in. Some of these farms just have you-pick fruit, but a lot of them have a bunch of activities too. 

We decided to go to a really popular, family-friendly one called High Hill. 

We didn't pick apples ourselves. I'm sure June would have liked picking for a few minutes, but it likely wouldn't have held her interest very long and having Bennett there might have been a challenge. So we bought some from the huge selection they had (plus some other apple things, like a Cinnamon Pecan Apple Butter that I might eat straight out of the jar).

We got there bright and early (the benefits of babies who wake up at 5:30 AM and pre-schoolers who are up before 7) so we headed straight for their Apple Donuts. 

Hey June, you uh, have something in your teeth.

The centerpiece of this ranch was the pond, where lots of kids and families were fishing.

June got her face painted. She was so excited to see a mermaid on the board of potential paint items that she wouldn't take her finger from touching it on the sign. "June, you don't have to be in physical contact with the board. No one is going to take it from you, you will get a new painting for your face. Please come stand in line."

The one on the display was like 2 inches tall, so Michael and I kept eyeing each other as June's painting got bigger and bigger and bigger. And then the guy added additional splash marks, because of course. 

Checking out her new  look:

June also got her first pony ride! She was SO excited and happy to be on a horse!

We walked around the many tents with local art.

Then we got lunch and had a picnic down by the pond.

And Bennett crawled! There have been times that we've noticed that he had moved across the floor slightly, but while we were laying on the blankets Bennett fully moved his person...toward a large BBQ tri-tip sandwich! He did it a couple of times, we had to wipe BBQ sauce off his hand a time or two, and we caught one of his attempts on camera!

So determined, so focused. So adorable.

Photo by June:

A caramel apple before we hit the road:

And one last photo by June:

It was getting very crowded by the time we were leaving (around 1 PM), so we were so glad to have gotten there early. It was a great time and, although I'd love to check out other Apple Hill ranches, I would definitely go back to High Hill and recommend it to others!

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  1. Bennett: so much like a Martin....beeline for the barbecue!!! He would've licked his fingers and then....no more pureed carrots for him!!! Can't wait to see him and to teach him some new, slippery moves in order to evade capture and secure barbecue to be chewed up by his two teeth :)

    Love, ARLD (Anonymous Rib Loving Dad)