Thursday, September 4, 2014

Wine Country

This past weekend was the perfect storm of awesomeness:

1.  Friends I don't see often
2.  Wine country
3.  Wedding dancing

Michael watched the kids at home while I galavanted off to Healdsburg, CA with the New Zealand legends, a six-pack group of girls that I met on my trip to New Zealand 8 years ago. We get together every year, for weddings or other get-togethers. Every time we do, it feels like no time has passed and I end up laughing until my abs hurt.

(In NZ, one of our group leaders was so impressed by how much conservation work our 42-person group got done in one afternoon and said it was 'legendary.' We then called ourselves the Legends for the rest of the trip.)

This time it was Jenna who got married and the rest of the Legends flew to Sacramento to meet up. We then drove north west through Napa and into Healdsburg. It was a great drive (although traffic made it long). We drove past vineyard after vineyard, and even I recognized quite a few winery names.

We stayed in a little stand-alone cottage that was owned by a Bed & Breakfast. It was so nice because we had the whole house... including kitchen, living room, deck with a hot tub and a back yard with tables, chairs and orange trees.

We walked across the street to get coffee and breakfast both mornings, and one morning we came back and dipped our feet in the hot tub while we sipped our coffee.

On Saturday afternoon we headed to Bella Winery, which we went to because we heard that they had 'wine caves.'

It was so gorgeous.

We ended up buying a bottle and enjoying it out on the lawn.

We headed into Healdsburg for a quick lunch before getting ready for the wedding. 

I was so content to be there with my girlfriends, you know? I wish we had more time to explore more wineries in the area, but I guess this just means I'll need to go back (hopefully with Michael!) to get that done!

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