Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Solid Foods

We've started Bennett on solid foods! 

His first food was avocado, the same first food that June had. He wasn't thrilled. His first facial expression reminded me of those 'Bitter Beer Face' commercials. His second facial expression was sort of gagging. 

I think part of the problem was that I was thinking about trying Baby Led Weaning, which I interpret to be mostly not pureeing food, but letting them go straight into smashed or tiny bits of normal food. So the avocado was mashed but not goo.

After a few days, we tried carrots. They were cooked but not pureed and Bennett still didn't like them. I quickly put some in the food processor and offered it again, and we were in business!

Suddenly he was not only willing to eat it, but leaning forward and grabbing the spoon.

So now we have a solid-food eater on our hands.

Since then, we've been giving him carrots every day and just today introduced peas.

Who knows, maybe this will help him start sleeping better at night?

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  1. Next comes ice cream.....then Montgomery Inn ribs and Saratoga Chips??!!