Monday, September 29, 2014

Bennett at Seven Months

Bennett turned seven months over the weekend. We had a great weekend with gymnastics, a mommy-daughter date, a football-watching party at a friend's house and a family walk to the park. And marveling at how much our little guy is changing!

As we slowly introduce new solid foods to him, the hilarious expressions he makes in reaction to them also have increased. I have even tried some 'baby-led weaning' which really means just giving them solid foods instead of purees, feeding him what we eat. He doesn't seem to like the sensation of actual solids, though, so we continue to mostly give purees.

He's not crawling but scoots around a bit. He can spin on his belly really quickly and will follow you around the room. He's also started pulling his legs under him, so we think crawling might not be too far off. 

He has two teeth! The lower incisors both came in this month! We were so surprised because we had just seen the doctor that morning and she had looked at his gums, verbally confirming that he didn't have any teeth yet. That evening, Bennett engaged in his customary activity of chewing on my fingers and I felt a sharp little ridge. Sure enough, I looked inside and saw a tiny white tooth!

I see so much of Michael in him when he smiles. Something about the shape of the eyes.

He's a pretty chill little dude, happy if we're holding him or if he's sitting on our lap. 

Bennett is now sitting up on his own! We usually put a pillow (or our body) behind him just in case, but he is doing so well and is so much steadier than he has been!

Sleep continues to be a learning and changing process. He's leaps and bounds better than he was one month ago. (I remember it being right after he was 6 months that I feverishly told Michael we had to try sleep training.)

He will usually sleep from about 7 PM to 5 AM, every once in a while waking once in the night and crying for a minute or less before going back to sleep by himself. The tough thing is knowing what to do when he wakes at 4:30 or 5. Try Ferberizing (letting him cry for increments of time)? Feed him and put him back down in his crib, hoping he sleeps? Bring him into our room and feed him there, hoping he falls asleep? 

Michael and I always talk about how sweet he is. He gets so excited and happy to see us, even if it's only been 30 seconds since we left the room. He gives these excited little huffs and swats his hands together. He says "Gah!" and "bababa" and has such an adorable baby voice. He blows raspberries all the time, and loves to blow raspberries against my shoulder or leg.

I really feel like we're coming into some of my favorite months of babyhood. So excited to spend the upcoming months (and holidays!) with my snuggly, silly, growing boy!

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