Wednesday, August 6, 2014

The Kid x2

I'm experiencing some serious sleep deprivation, so I can't recall exactly when Judy gave me a little blue sweatsuit that Michael wore when he was a baby. Was it when we found out we were having a boy? Was it right after he was born?

But I kept it in Bennett's closet where it waited until I was packing for the Disney trip and saw it. I had a panicked moment wondering if Bennett had already outgrown it, but thankfully it looked just his size.
I packed it in the suitcase hoping to provide Judy with a little surprise once we were all together. (When I saw Judy I asked her if she remembered what size it was since it didn't have tags. She remembered that it was 6 months! She's obviously NOT in sleep deprivation mode!) 

Judy was kind enough to go scavenging for pictures of Michael in his 'The Kid' outfit and they do not disappoint. I'm in love with both of these babies!

Oh Em Gee.


  1. They are both soooooooo cute.....and look so much alike! let's hope that The Kid 2 grows up to be just like The Kid 1!! AD

  2. This is adorable and hilarious! We had a few instances of Ariadne wearing things that were mine or Jordan's and it is so fun to look back on those pictures of us in the same thing :)