Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sunflower Harvest

This blog post has been sitting in my 'drafts' folder for a few weeks, waiting for me to finish up with an official 'after' or 'completed' photo. That didn't happen, so here we are!

On Saturday a few weeks ago, we had a little sunflower seed harvest. Or I should say I had a harvest...June was playing in the sprinkler toy and Bennett just...hung out. 

After chopping off the heads of the sunflowers, I hung them to dry for a week or so. I put brown paper bags around them to keep any birds off of them and to collect any seeds that fell off on their own.

There were just tons of seeds. 

They were pretty easy to get out by sort of rubbing my fingers over top of them.

Ever since I planted these things I looked forward to the day that I would harvest and eat my own sunflower seeds.

I think the problem was that they take so much work, especially when you have so many seeds

After soaking them, I took up every pan in our house to lay them all out to dry. There was a period of several days where Michael and I didn't know what to make for dinner because all of our pans were in use and every flat surface was taken up by black seeds. 

I'm also a little anal-retentive and every time I'd walk past the sunflower seeds, I'd stop and spend a minute or two picking out little debris or lighter-colored seeds that didn't actually have a seed inside. The amount of time that this ended up taking was...cost prohibitive.

So I ended up roasting some and ended up tossing some others simply because there was no way we were going to eat this many seeds. So now I have a huge bag of seeds and they're...I don't know? They're good. They're as good as sunflower seeds get, know what I mean? 

Sunflower seeds are good, but they are so much work to get that little kernel. So I guess what I'm saying is, it was fun, but if I ever need sunflower seeds again, I'll just be buying them.

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