Sunday, August 3, 2014

One Day in Disneyland

When we first walked through Disneyland, I teared up big time. Something about walking down Main Street with my little girl holding my hand. It was sometime after three Disney employees exclaimed, "Good Morning, Rapunzel!" to June. Bennett was safely and snuggly in the Ergo on Michael's chest, and Judy was pushing the stroller and I was free to take in the sights and sounds (and smells! Come to me, Caramel Corn!) of Disney.

It was seeing everything through June's eyes. I'm not sure if June knew all of what Disney was before we arrived, and I could just see her absorbing everything through every sense.

After making a questionable choice about the first ride of the day, we decided to move onto something we knew June would love. We walked through the castle and then rode the carousel on the other side. (Fun fact: when we asked June what her favorite ride was in Disneyland, she said the carousel. That's right, folks, the same ride she can ride at the mall any time.)

Then we walked to a part of the park called Fantasy Faire. We got to see three princesses without hardly waiting at all! The look on June's face! Her mixed nervousness, excitement, joy... she was so adorable to watch!

(June going in for a Princess feelski!)

After that we went on a bunch of rides. Dumbo, the teacups, It's a Small World, Autopia.

We saw a little show telling the story of Rapunzel. We arrived only just before the show started, but June still got to sit up front!

And on the way out of the show we got to meet Belle!

We walked across the park to a restaurant that I had read a recommendation for - the Hungry Bear Restaurant in Critter Country.

It was so good! Quality food, shaded, with a killer view of the 'river' that the pirate ship and river boat sail past.

We made the decision to go back to the hotel for naps in the middle of the day. I really think it worked out well and would recommend it to anyone whose kids are still taking naps. It got us out of the park during some of the warmest, most crowded hours. It gave all of us a nice, much-needed rest in air conditioning. We all felt rejuvenated and ready to go back for round two. 

Even Bennett cooperated and slept for 2 hours!

Our evening in Disneyland was nice and relaxed. June went on the carousel again, watched part of a Beauty and the Beast show and watched the parade. 

After that, June went on the Tarzan Treehouse (twice!), we ate dinner and rode a nighttime Jungle Cruise.

After some souvenir shopping, we started our walk home. As we were walking, the fireworks from the park started. It was nice - we could enjoy the show but avoid the crowds and the loud bangs.

I really can't imagine the day having gone any better. June was sweet and well-behaved, waiting in line for the rides patiently. Bennett was either awake and happy being held, cooing in the stroller or asleep in the Ergo. It was an awesome day that left us tired and happy at the end of it.

And ready to wake up the next morning to do it the California Adventure park!

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