Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Bennett at Six Months!

Bennett is 6 months today!

Maybe I'm just behind on blogging, but I feel like I was just writing up his 5 month post. 

I don't think a whole lot has changed in the past month. Bennett continues to be a truly happy baby during the daytime. He spends all his time with his hands in his mouth, or putting toys and various other objects in his mouth. Our daycare workers keep hypothesizing that he's teething, but I remember going through this same thing with June for months before she actually got a tooth. 

One of my favorite things is when he first spies a new toy in his range and sort of pauses and then does this excited pounce for the object. He's like a cat. But a lot less coordinated. 

We've heard him all-out laugh a few times this month. The first time was when June was playing with an orange balloon. It wasn't just this throaty giggle, it was a full "Hah hah hah!"It sounded like such a kid voice, and was totally adorable.

Still not sitting up on his own, but he gets a lot of practice in. He doesn't crawl but he scoots. Today I put him down in the middle of the play room rug and when I came back a minute later he was on the edge of it. That was the fastest I've ever seen him scoot, so much that I asked June if she had moved him.

Sleep for the past several nights has looked like: bedtime around 6:30 PM, wake up and nurse at 11, wake up and nurse at 3, wake up and nurse at 6:30. Sometimes more or less time between. I have a trip this weekend with a bunch of girl friends (SO excited and SO nervous to be leaving the family) and I don't know what to do... enjoy my first full night of sleep in half a year, or get up and pump twice in the middle of the night? Something tells me that the discomfort might keep me from a full restful night even if I tried.

Once again, June couldn't wait to get in on the photo shoot.

Can we get a close up, please?

This girl. I tell you.

Anyway, Bennett's doing great. We love him, June loves him, his teachers love him. He's just the sweetest little guy.

A quick glimpse back in time:

And, just for fun, a look at Bennett at 6 months compared to June at 6 months.

Happy half birthday, little guy!

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