Thursday, August 14, 2014

Bennett at Five Months

Our little guy turned five months while we were on our little vacation!

Bennett at five months. Well, he continues to be the smiliest baby I've ever seen. He just smiles at everyone all the time. Strangers, his daycare teachers, friends, family. He's started this thing where he kind of keeps his upper lip stiff and pokes his tongue out just a little while he smiles. 

Sleeping at night is hit and miss. We had a week where he was sleeping better, then we went on vacation and that got messed up. Some nights he'll do well and will sleep until 3 AM. Some nights he's up every two hours. The worst is when he won't got back to sleep. It's been harder and harder to get him back down when he wakes up around five, so most of the time we just end up getting up then. It's ... not fun.

But no matter how overwhelmingly exhausted I am, no matter how much I lay there and try to close my eyes for just one more minute but he keeps grunting, I always eventually open my eyes to see his little face next to mine, and his little fat hands reach out and grab my face, and I smile and kiss him and love him and coo at him as if it weren't 5 AM.

Bennett's all about playing with toys these days. He's getting so good at reaching out and grabbing things. The other day we were laying in bed in those pre-dawn hours and I was dangling his pacifier in front of him. He reached out and grabbed it and I closed my eyes for a minute. When I opened them, the pacifier was in his mouth!

It's so wonderful/funny how every new developmental step gets you some new freedom...and new challenges. He now can play with toys, so stays happy just a little longer on the floor by himself. But he also gets frustrated when things don't go his way, like if his toy got knocked just out of his reach.

He's still eating only breastmilk. We're hoping to introduce solids sometime in the next couple of weeks. I'd love to try Baby Led Weaning, which involves skipping purees and just starting out feeding the baby tiny pieces of the food we eat as a family. But it'd be hard to do that with our daycare, which is awesome and provides baby food for the kids. I'm still pumping at work. I've gone through the same ol' issues of supply, stress, finding the time, etc.

Bennett rolls both ways consistently now. He also can pull his knees under him and sort of scoot forward a bit. Because of this, some night wakings include me finding him wedged in the corner of his crib when I placed him in the center. He can't sit on his own, but we're practicing and I think he's close.

He loves laying on his back and holding his toes. He loves watching June bounce around and sing. He loves it when we kiss his tummy and neck and nibble on his fingers.

Time's going by so quickly. I read once about parenthood that 'the days go by slowly and the years go by fast.' That feels about right, though I guess it's only been months. I get excited about future days and phases, ones where he can sleep a little better or keep himself a little more entertained. And then I remind myself to appreciate these days as they are. As Michael said the other day, this is the smallest he'll ever be. 

And with that, I'm off to bed!

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