Friday, August 1, 2014

A Note on Princess Dresses

I splurged a little and bought June two new princess dresses to wear in Disneyland. (She's growing out of her current ones, so I figured now was as good a time as ever to replace them!) As you know, she would wear princess dresses all day every day if she could, and I knew that she would really want to wear them in the Happiest Place on Earth, home court of the Disney royal court. 

I bought Rapunzel and Ariel, June's two faves at the moment. 

I kept them hidden in my closet, wanting to surprise her when we got to the parks. But a combination of her glimpsing the shiny fabric, and asking if she could wear her old tattered princess dress to Disney, and my lack of patience caused me to let her try the dresses on the day before we departed. 

It was a good thing, too, since they were slightly big in the torso area. I did some simple alterations (kind of sewed little darts in to 'take in' the shoulder area) the night before and was so happy that we were all set to go. Except that June was then saying she didn't want to wear the dresses in Disneyland.

It was like one of those moments when the record screeches to a stop. 

In what world does June ever not want to wear a princess dress? Especially one that has a full skirt (hoop sewed in) and one that literally caused her to say, "Ooh! That's a beautiful one!" when I first showed it to her.

She said that it tickled her. There was something in the bodice (the stitching?) that itched her body. I didn't really know what to do, but I packed them anyway. She held out until even the night before Disney that she didn't want to wear the dresses because they tickled her. Finally we decided to have her wear a white tee shirt under her dress. I was a little worried that it would be too warm for her, but she never mentioned it and it seemed to work for her, so it worked for us!

June LOVED her dresses in the park. She cried when we made her take it off for a nap back in the hotel room. She kept lovingly stroking her dress when she was talking to princesses, obviously proud to not be underdressed in the presence of royalty. The Disney workers - princesses included - would address her as the princess she was dressed up as ("Why hello, Rapunzel!") and she would get the biggest smile. 

I'm so glad the dresses worked out. There were a few moments when I didn't think they would (not that it would have been a big deal), but it all went wonderfully in the end!

One other note on princess dresses. There was more than one princess on our trip to Disneyland. My mother in-love, Judy, met up with a childhood friend while we were in Carlsbad. They hadn't seen each other in years and the friend showed up with the bridesmaid's dress she wore in Judy's wedding! It was made by Judy's mom! Isn't that the sweetest, cutest thing you've ever heard?

So we had to have a fashion show with Judy modeling her princess dress also.


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