Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Sweet Saturday

Looking back on the time leading up to and after Bennett's birth, we probably did see some behavioral outbursts from June. She was always sweet to Bennett, but there was definitely a time when she was throwing a lot of fits. At the time (and especially before Bennett was born), we wondered if it was just her being a typical three year old. I did a lot of reading online and saw a lot of stories of people saying that the 'terrible twos' are really more like the 'terrible two-and-a-half to four or so-s."

It was only after we'd had several weeks of relative normalcy that we could look back and see that something was really going on, and how it was tied to everything she was going through. And now it's even more clear to us when she's feeling a little squirrelly and in need of some attention.

It happens when we're really busy, sometimes it'll happen when we're both really focused on Bennett. It normally comes up in the form of her getting a little extra zany or testing rules. I've also noticed her starting to speak in baby talk sometimes.

Last week Michael made a long overdue observation - that we (and especially I) really need to make the effort to spend some one-on-one time with June. I don't know what happened...I had read this piece of parenting advice a million times...make sure to still spend solo time with your first born after the second one arrives. We just...hadn't, really. I guess in the back of my mind I felt like I was still getting lots of quality time with June. Having Bennett never stopped us from doing the things she loves to do, like going to the park or birthday parties.

But once Michael said it, it just became so glaringly obvious that I hadn't really spent time out of the house just with June. Hell, I hadn't even spent time inside the house just with June (other than during Bennett's naps).

So Junie and I had a mommy daughter date.

First I painted her fingernails and toenails.

It was warm outside, so we got to knock out two birds with one stone by shopping for a dress for a wedding and also getting to do the fun things that the mall has to offer.

She was so sweet and funny while we were shopping. She loves to climb into the racks of clothes and ask me what the password is. She would pick out the most garish of sparkly prom dresses and say "Oooh! Beautiful!" or "Look! It's an Elsa dress!"

(Taking a selfie to send to Mom for her opinion, of course.)

Then we took a ride on the carousel.

After that we got lunch, played in the mall playground and split a chocolate milkshake. (Breaking news: June loves milkshakes.)

(Also, she loves pretending to be Ariel up on a rock while a wave crashes behind her, and kept doing this type of move over and over on the mall play toy.)

At one point June told me she wanted to hold my hand. Independent June isn't really into holding hands all the time anymore. We only insist during certain times, like in crowds, crossing the street or in parking lots. I held her hand and asked her why she wanted to. "I don't want to get lost," she said.

So I held her freely-given hand and tried to absorb her little-ness while I could. I didn't want her to get lost either. I don't want to lose that connection we have, so I'm going to do better about having our little dates.

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