Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Sandy Carlsbad Days

On Thursday morning we woke up early to catch a 7 AM flight to San Diego. (I resisted the urge to say "HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE ON THIS END OF THINGS?" while gently waking June in the pre-dawn darkness.)

We had a really great flight out and only had to wait a short time for my dear mother 'in-love' Judy to arrive. We packed up our things and drove to Carlsbad for some vacation time and the wedding of our friends Russell and Alexa. 

We packed a lot into those first few days. There was time on the beach, time in the pool, restaurants, walks and napping, not to mention the time we spent with Russell and Alexa in their wedding activities.  Michael was a co-best man in the wedding, so he was involved in pre-wedding golfing, partying and general fun-having. 

There were definitely challenging times. Judy and I were flexible with moving the kids around for designated nap and bed times. The toughest time for June was probably while we were at the wedding venue for the Rehearsal Dinner and Sunday Brunch since there weren't any toys and it was this sleek, modern home so there was a lot of exposed concrete, large panes of glass and some steps without railings. 

So I present to you a photo dump of the first few days of our trip! Don't mind me and my stream of consciousness!

We got great use out of the tent/sun shade I bought for this occasion. Thanks to the shade, Bennett spent hardly any time in the sun but got to enjoy the sights and sounds of the waves, along with rolling around on his towel. (Not to be a total curmudgeon, but I loved having a sun shade with a bottom/floor on it. I like feeling the sand in my toes, but I also don't really like feeling sand in my snacks, towels, sunscreen tubes, etc. etc. if you know what I mean. 

June was a fiend for the ocean for the first couple of days. She was charging the waves, wanting to go deeper, giggling and screaming and running. Then at one point, a wave came up and splashed her in the face, getting in her eyes. She cried, and from that moment on we couldn't get her within 30 yards of the water. This includes a family walk along the beach where she walked alone in the dry sand while the rest of us hung out near the water.

We had some drama with the hotel room messing up our reservation (we had booked two, had a confirmation email for two, but they only had one room for us), so the first night we were all in one room. This meant that June got her bedtime books while Bennett was already asleep in the room. Grammy read her some books by the comforting glow of an iPhone. 

There was a guest patio on which we ate breakfast every morning.

June picked the pose on that one. Grammy obliged.

On Friday, Judy went out for lunch with a friend. I was able to successfully get both kids down for a nap in the same room! Victory!

I got in some serious nap snuggling time with Bennett on this trip. I LOVED IT and didn't care for an instant that I was probably spoiling him out of being able to nap alone. 

I stole this one from Michael's phone. It's Russell hitting a golfball with a couple of helicopters flying over.

This was at the rehearsal, which June needed to be a part of. Since they had been running late from golfing, poor Michael was there in his old golf clothes before I showed up with his stuff to change into. 

See those boulders on the left-hand side? June was climbing on and jumping off of those all.night.long.

It was such fun little part of our trip. I can't say that it was exactly relaxing, but it was so nice to get to spend some time with the kids and Judy doing such stereotypical vacation things. Jumping into the pool and eating too much and using a million towels and sticking seaweed into sand castles for decoration.

These are the things, you know? The little pieces of kid life that you remember when you're older, memory snapshots we take and will keep and have when our kids are old and grown. When they're off building their own sand castles with their kids, I'll remember when June wanted to be a monster to tear hers down, and refused to go near the ocean to rinse off the sand, so we had to trudge back up to the hotel to take a shower rinse.

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