Thursday, July 31, 2014

Russell and Alexa's Wedding

Russell and Alexa's wedding took place on an estate on a small lagoon that fed out into the ocean. The home itself was really interesting and cool, modern and sleek, but the garden was really warm and welcoming.

Michael snapped this picture of the couple during their 'first look' before the ceremony began.

Michael was one of two best men. He walked a maid of honor and the flower girl down the aisle.

Their ceremony was so sweet and personalized. Their friend officiated and they wrote their own vows, which were adorable and funny.

The reception also took place on the estate. They had a food truck arrive and cook up a few meal options that we selected from as we went through the line.

Michael gave a really wonderful speech which had people laughing and "aww-ing" and toasting the couple. 

We had some drinks, danced and ate some cake. (And if you hear rumors that I had three pieces of cake, just know that it was because I kept setting my plate down and it kept getting picked up and taken away by the wait staff.)

The night before, Judy had been moved to a nice, large room right on the beach with a balcony. Since she was going to be watching the kids all night, we made a mad dash to move some things into the room so she could put the kids down there. So when we got home from the wedding, we went to that new room instead. While it made for a stressful final 10 minutes before I had to leave for the wedding, it made for an awful nice morning of waking up to this:

That day we headed back to the wedding venue for a Sunday brunch. June consumed everything sweet in sight, including an ice cream drumstick that I just didn't have the heart to allow her to only eat half.

"I look like I have a beard!" she said.

And then it was time to say goodbye. We had such an awesome weekend with these two, we were sad to see it end.

(Though we couldn't be too sad...since we were heading off to Disneyland!)

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