Monday, July 7, 2014

Bennett at Four Months

Bennett is four months old!

In general, he's such a happy, smiley little fellow. On the weekends, he's happy to be held, laying on a blanket or sitting on your lap. He's very observant and will crack the biggest grin if you look at him and say his name while smiling. 

(June has learned this, and she gets so excited when he smiles at her.)

Bennett constantly has his hands up near his face, usually with his hands in his mouth. He normally looks like he's desperately trying to shove his whole fist in his mouth. He's also drooling a ton, but I think it's a little early for teething.

Bennett rolls from his back to his belly all the time, but he's only rolled from his belly to his back once. He giggles when we tickle him or kiss him under his chin on his soft neck meat.

His sleeping has been very tough for the past month. I look back fondly on the days when he would wake up twice in the night before an up-for-good 6:00 AM feeding. Now he's waking about every two hours. Something's got to give around here. We have a few trips coming up and we just have to make things better before then.

On a more positive note, he has a little song that his daddy wrote for him, called "Bennett Man." It's his favorite and makes him smile every time. 

He takes a pacifier sometimes, mostly when he's ready to fall asleep. If he's not, he will not tolerate the thing. He also has a lot better control of his hands, so he reaches out and grabs things, including his own pacifier or my face.

June wasn't there for his 4 month photo shoot, but Grammy was!

Bennett is now 16 lbs, 1 oz and is 25.5 inches long.

Quite the change, eh?

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  1. How precious to see the progress B-Shock's made in only a couple months....what a cute guy.....cannot wait to see him again and to try and make him smile for his grandfather! Jules, your blogs are worth their weight in gold....which considering that blogs weigh nothing is a huge misnomer. They bring such joy into the lives of those of us who cannot be in Sacramento to share in your life. All our love, Dad and Mom