Saturday, July 19, 2014

Baby Sitting Swap

We have some friends here in Sacramento who have kids around the same age as ours. Our girls are in the same class and they have a boy who is 7 months older than Bennett. We love hanging out with them because we have a great time and the girls are SO CUTE to watch play together.

We set up a baby sitting swap that has so far gone through one successful cycle!

Our friends dropped off their kids at our house one Friday night and we watched them for the evening. (We actually cheated because we had my mother in law in town, so we had an extra set of eyes and - more importantly - hands.)

After playing outside in the sprinklers, we headed inside where the girls dressed up in princess dresses and the boys cooled down in their diapers.

The little ones are the ones that require real work. The best thing about getting the girls together is that they entertain themselves. For example, Judy was holding Bennett while he napped and I was playing with their boy in the other room while Michael made dinner. Things were suspiciously quiet so I investigated what the girls were up to. 

They had June's tool box open and were playing doctor with one of June's babies. By SAWING HER ABDOMEN. 

I showed this picture to Shannon when she got home from her date and she said that it would be priceless if either one of them became an orthopedic surgeon!

So after a couple of weeks of busy weekends, we cashed in on the baby sitting swap. We dropped the kids off at our friends' house and had ourselves a date night!

We ate in a place in Midtown called Waterboy, which was actually pretty fancy considering the name. Awesome food. And it was so nice to just...sit and eat and talk, without a baby on my lap and without interruptions. (Not that I don't enjoy a, "Why is Maleficent mean? Is it because she has secret powers?" while I'm chatting about my day.)

After dinner we walked towards downtown and made it to the Capitol Mall, a large park surrounding the capitol building. There were tons of trees and memorials, such as this one to the Vietnam dead from the state of California.

Afterwards we had a drink and a small snack at a bar downtown, then mozied back toward the car to pick up our kids.

It was a success, we were told that our kids behaved themselves and got them home and transitioned into their own beds.

So excited that both of our babysitting nights went so smoothly...hopefully this means more date nights in the near future!

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